Predicting through Karakamsha and Jaimini’s Mandook Dasha by K N Rao

The book starts with discussion on Karakamsha and Swamsha and the totally erroneous understanding of the padas by all writers of Jaimini astrology. The author provokes you to think, and test his research. More than 30 worked out examples have been given by the author to prove the validity of his research. He had it tested on hundreds of horoscopes and then presented it in a seminar of the astrology faculty of the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan where the research was blind tested on a horoscope. The present work, Predicting through Karakamsha and Jaimini’s Mandook Dasha is another revolutionary landmark in the advance of Jaimini’s predictive systems. No book on Jaimini Astrology has illustrated any feature of this dasha. All writers on Jaimini only land you in confusion without showing how a dasha should be used actually for predictions. The author is justified in saying that those who are writing books on astrology have done so without themselves understanding the meaning of the sutras they have translated.

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