Ayurvedic Astrology – History and Insights by Durgada Rodney Lingham

Ayurvedic Astrology explores the ancient science of Hindu Medical Astrology, a branch of the ancient system of medicine in India – Ayurveda, called “Bhutavidya” or Psychology. It explores Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle, as well as simple and effective remedies to health and well-being and rectification of planetary afflictions. Learn the History of Vedic Astrology from Rig Veda; Tithis and their use in Ayurvedic Healing; Effects of Signs, Planets and Houses; The 107 Marmas and their Bhava (House) and Nakshatra Correlations; Planets and Psychological Influences; Planets and their Ayurvedic Herbs and Medicines and much more!

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