Predicting Marriage by Mridula Trivedi

A magnum opus by one of the greatest astrologer duo of present time, Trivedis are at their best in this book Any reader would be mesmerized by the contents of the book and would be tempted for further exploration in the ocean of knowledge and creativity. The book is revealing even for scholars and exposes many myths of astrology. The book is rated to be a modern classic in due course of time. One of the striking features of the book is 256 live horoscopes from their data bank. Every horoscope is explained with all the astrological details and relevant personal details of the native. Everything about men-women relationships viz., premarital relations, extra-marital relations, love affairs, concubines, multiple marriages etc. explained with relevant astrological principles. A research oriented treatment of �Horoscope Matching� is a peculiar feature where it is demonstrated that even a five or ten Gunas matched horoscope may ensure a happy married life. Be enlightened by this book. The Hindu Vivah analogy is fully explained. Be enchanted by the poetic and spiritual approach of the sages and the glorious traditions of the ages. Truly, the Times Predicting Marriage is a compendium of marriage in Astrology and a must for every student, practitioner and a scholar of astrology as it enables one to predict accurately, Marriage, Divorce, Progeny and all the allied events in the marital life including prosperity, debauchery and carnality. A big, hard bound volume of 792 large pages, a valuable addition for your library.

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