Medical Astrology (Concepts And Case Studies) Vol I by N E Muthuswami

Starting with the Basic concepts of Indian astrology as relevant to Medical Astrology are presented. Then a set of case studies are presented for understanding the application of astrological principles and how they could be used for analyzing the diseases and their onset for a native, as available from horoscopes. 1.Introduction * 2.Basic concepts of Astrology * 3.Raasis* 4. Planets and Diseases * 5.Moon * 6. Mars, Kuja * 7. Mercury (Budha) *8.Jupiter (guru) *Venus (Sukra) *10. Saturn (Sani) *11. Raahu, Kethu,Gulika * 12. Planets (continued) * Bhaavas (Houses), body organs and diseases indicated by the bhaavas *14. Body organs indicated by drekkanaas (decantaes) * 15. Body organs and diseases indicated by Stars (Stellar constellations) (nakshathra)The Planetary Combinations indicating diseases and example horoscopes * 20.Disease of heart and lungs* 21. Case studies continued * 22. Case studies continued *23. Classifications of diseases in Astrology *16. Contemplation of diseases in Astrology *17. Positions of planets in horoscopes indicating health and diseases * 18. Signification of planets.

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