Laghu Jatakam : Varaha Mihira’s Exposition of Profound Principles of Vedic Astrology by K S Charak

The Laghu Jatakam is a higherly authentic work on Vedic astrology written by the celebrated master Varaha Mihira. It contains rich material for any serious practitioner of Vedic astrology. The special features of this book are as follows- *Introduction to signs and planets, and their strength. *Mutual planetary relationship, and physical and other attributes of planets. *Detailed description about matters pertaining to impregnation and childbirth. *Comprehensive treatment of the astrological principles governing Balarishta and Arishta-Bhanga. *Calculation of longevity. *Varaha Mihira s special dasha system. *A chapter on Ashtakavarga. *Special feature of female horoscopes. *Miscellaneous matters like solar and lunar yogas, Raja-yogas, yogas giving rise to Samnyasa, matters pertaining to death, and the fate of the native after exit from this world. * One chapter on the method of constructing a horoscope when birth details are not known. *The book is profusely illustrated with horoscopic charts to elucidate its rich content.”

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