K.P. Krishman’s Medical Astrology for All by K Subramaniam

Medical Astrology for all (PB) Astro-diagnosis is the science and art of obtaining scientific knowledge regarding disease and its causes shown by the planets. This science of Medical Astrology is slowly permeating the Medical world. This book on Medical Astrology is one of the best works to the field of Astrology and thus every reader of this book should become a capable astrologer who could diagnose the disease with least effort even without seeing the patient. Where is the necessity for the patient to visit the chamber of the Astrologer? For a Medical Officer, he should see the patient, hear his case, do all the possible tests and arrive at a correct diagnosis. For an Astrologer it is easy to eliminate many of the suspected ones and pitch upon the disease correctly. The book should be more useful to KP students, research scholars and all Astrologers in the world. Table of Contents: Principles of KP medical astrology Parts of body ruled by planets & 27 constellations The pathogenic effects of the 12 signs of the zodiac Nature of disease denoted by each sub-lord (1-249) Disease of the subs Sub-sub table Mental disease Indication for epileptic fits Blindness & eye disease Combination for dumbness & deafness Indication for heart disease Astrology & asthma Combinations for cancer disease Breast cancer Combinations for tuberculosis Astrology & appendicitis KP sub lord & kidney trouble Venereal disease Combinations for diabetes Leprosy Planetary combinations for elephantiasis (filaria) Paralysis Diagnosing the disease by KP horary method Zodiacal sign index.

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