Essentials of Medical Astrology by K S Charak

ssentials Of Medical Astrology, by Dr K S Charak, connects the principles of astrology with the treatment of diseases. Different aspects of astrology are used to understand various diseases with the use of an astrological chart. The book presents a standardised approach to treating critical diseases and, for doing that, it provides four vargas (divisional charts) along with two dashas to ensure that the assessment is done accurately.

The book begins with the discussion of sound and unsound health, further describing the indicators of congenital ailments. It also gives the descriptive approach to catching the correct point from where the disease initiates. The readers can learn the methods of identifying the locations and reasons behind the onset of diseases. The principles of Arishta-Bhanga and Balarishta are described exhaustively. Sarpa drekkana, gulika, sixty-four navamsha and twenty-second drekkana are some topics of Vedic Astrology that have been included in the book.

The key contents of the book revolve around the common ailments afflicting people, along with the Vedic approach to treating them.

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