Elements of Vedic Astrology by K S Charak

The Elements of Vedic Astrology is an excellent and most comprehensive book on the Parashari system of Vedic astrology written in English. * Treats astrology in a most organised and scientific manner. * Ensures an understanding of elementary astronomy which forms the basis of Vedic astrology. * Deals elaborately with the mathematical aspects of astrology for correct casting of horoscopes and calculation of dashas, etc. * Two important dasha systems, the Vimshottari and the Yogini, have been described. The Vimshottari dasha has been described in great details. * Enters into areas of research, like the vargas, the subplanets, and the planetary states or avasthas. * Three chapters are devoted to the all-important subject of the yogas which form the basis of many an astrological prediction. * The Nabhasa yogas have been dealt with, and classified, in a most innovative manner. * Results of planets in various houses, signs, etc., have been described in great details. * Several other subjects like planetary strengths, Balarishta, Arishta Bhanga, determination of longevity, medical astrology, horary astrology, annual horoscopy, planetary transits, Ashtakavarga, Muhurta and methods of matching charts for marital purposes, etc., have all been dealt with lucidly. * The book is profusely illustrated by example horoscopes.

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