True Astrology – Basic & Traditional Concepts by S P Khullar

The contents of the book are as follows


Hindi Equivalents
1. Fundamentals of Astronomy
2. Retrogression & Combustion of Planets
3. Zodiac and its Division
4. Casting the Rashi Chart
5. The Houses and their Significations
6. Nakshatras
7. Planets and their Significations
8. Aspects
9. Behaviour of Planets
10. Vimsottari Dasa
11. Traditional Concept of Analysing Horoscope
12. Analysing the Ascendant
13. Analysing Sixth House  Diseases
14. Analysing the Seventh House Marriage
15. Analysing the Fifth House
16. Analysing Horoscope for Educational Prospects
17. Analysing the Tenth House  Profession
18. Navamsa and its Significance


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