The Astrological Physitian by William Andrews (1656)

William Andrews, “Student in the mathematics and astrology,” published a little volume entitled ‘The Astrological Physician, showing how to find out … rules of the art of Astrology,’ so long ago as in the time of the Protectorate—in the year 1656.

In 1656, a man by the name of William Andrews entered into the world of astrological publishing with his first book The Astrological Physician.  This book went unnoticed by many, but it did not slip past William Lilly who wrote a short recommendation of the work.

The Astrological Physician provides great detail about techniques used in decumbiture and medical horary charts with a strong focus on diagnosis by identifying the diseases and illness signified by the planets in specific signs.  This work has been typeset and annotated for the first time and includes commentary and an example chart to illustrate for the reader how to work with the rules Andrews provides.

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