Palmistry for All by Cheiro

Cheiro’s Palmistry For All is a guide to reading palms. It shows how to understand a person’s character by examining the lines on their hand.

Summary Of The Book

To understand another person’s character, their thoughts and attitudes, is a difficult task. When two people are conversing, it is not easy to understand what each of them really think, whether they are truthful or they are wearing a mask. Cheiro’s Palmistry For Allshows how palmistry can help in truly understanding another person.

The lines on the hand are indicators to the person’s personality and character. These lines do not change, and so, they do not mislead like a person’s facial expressions. So, if an individual is willing to have their palm read, it can reveal a lot about them.

The author explains this practice and the theories behind it in full detail. He first puts before the reader a brief history of this art. Then, he goes into the fundamental principles that are applied when reading a palm. The book is divided into several sections. The first part looks at The Line of Head which gives clues to that person’s mentality. It then goes on to cover other lines like The Line of Life, and The Line of Health.

The text discusses The Line of Heart which provides indications regarding the individual’s emotions and shows whether they have an affectionate nature. Cheiro’s Palmistry For All also discusses Different Classes of Lines and how to read specifics like date and time.

The book then goes into the subject of Cheirognomy, which is the study of the shapes of the hand and the different fingers. The book also covers the concept of studying the mounts on the palm. This book is one of the popular texts on the subject of palmistry and applying it to study and understand a person’s character and personality.

About Cheiro

William John Warner also known as Cheiro was an Irish Palmist.

Some of the other books by this author are Cheiro’s Language of the Hand, Cheiro’s Memoirs: The Reminiscences of a Society Palmist, and Titanic’s Last Secrets.

Cheiro was a hugely popular occult figure and palmist. His popular name is derived from the word cheiromancy which means the art of reading palms. He was born in 1866, in a village near Dublin. Cheiro mentions in his memoirs that he learnt Palmistry in India. He had admirers across Europe and America. His popularity was such that many celebrities, like Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and Mata Hari let him read their hands.

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