Language of the Hand by Cheiro

Cheiro’s: Language of the Hand is a book on palmistry and divination.

Summary of the Book

The future is in your hands. The ability to gaze into the future through the lines on palms is called Palmistry. Cheiro is one of the most famous figures in the field, and in this book, he explains how readers can learn its principles and put them to use. He reveals his secrets, his research and his years of study in its pages, granting readers the foresight to be prepared for the future. Discover the future through the art of palmistry from a master who excelled at prescience and fortunetelling.

About Cheiro

William John Warner, better known as Cheiro, was an Irish astrologer and a prominent occult figure of the 20th century. He claimed to be a clairvoyant, palmist, astrologer and numerologist. He has also written Cheiro’s Book of Numbers and Cheiro’s Palmistry for All.

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