Best Way to Use Shad Bala by K Jaya Sekhar

The book makes a valiant effort to evolve precise rules to use SHAD BALA values, which are not fully and clearly explained in the classics. The system helps assessing the Birth Chart scientifically to give useful and accurate guidance.  Culled from four decades of practical experience and prepared using dedicated research work, seasoned with secret traditional principles, garnished with modern methodology and presented in a scientific style, this book is served to the modern astrological gourmets for the efficient use of Vedic Astrology.

About The Author

Born in a family of traditional astrologers, JAYA SEKHAR was initiated into Vedic Astrology as well as Psychic subjects at a very early age by his father, who is his Guru. After graduating from Madras University in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry he became a professional Astrologer. In 40 years of practice he has built up a large circle of admiring international clientele. Apart from contributing articles on Vedic Astrology and related subjects to several leading Magazines in India and abroad, Such as the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain ,

Gochara, Journal of BAVA ,

UK, Terre-du-Ciel of France ,

Jaya Sekhar has published three books, The BEST BET, VEDIC LITERATURE, and SHAD BALA.

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Best Way to Use Shad Bala by K Jaya Sekhar