This book is intended for readers who wish to know about Vedic Astrology, Learn Vedic Astrology and for astrologers who want to explore Real Astrology.

The book on “KaalPurusha” Meaning the beginning, takes the reader through a journey of discovery of how Astrology got created, how it is woven into the life of the human being and how the 12 signs impact the human beings.

The book is a result of years of research and divine guidance and provides the keys to decode the hidden mysteries of vedic astrology.

The book provides the basic information on vedic astrology for beginners and at the same time unravels the mystery of the Kaalpurusha thus providing the foundation on which astrology is built. This foundation is essential to learn and practice Vedic Astrology, however the same is hidden and codified in the classical texts on Vedic

For the experts this opens the doors of real astrology, provides the lost key to unravel the mystery of the horoscope and guide the expert astrologer into an area which was yet unknown and hidden.


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