Krishna Kumar – Shadbala Rahasyam –

Mystery of Six Potency of Planets & there effects on Celestial Period

In the “shadhala Rahasyam” Krishna Kumar has very ably addressed both these aspects. While it is not possible to do away with any of the six constituents, or their sub – constituents, of the Shadbala, the author has described the method in a very lucid and easily comprehensible manner so that the elaborate calculation becomes a pleasure. All intricate aspects of the technique of calculation have been rendered simple and easy. In today’s world of computers, students often shirk from making lengthy calculations. However, many of the computer softwares give inaccurate results which need to be manually verified. Besides, almost all of them provide the planetary strength as a sum total of the six constituents of the Shadbala and not of the individual constituents separately. For example, an idea of a planet’s Sthanabala, Kaalabala or Cheshtabala, etc., is also of importance in predictive astrology besides the cumulative value of Shadbala. It is in this aspect of the work under consideration that Krishna Kumar’s contribution to astrology becomes specially commendable: Several works on the method of reckoning the Shadbala there have been, but none has so far dealt with the predictive utility of Shadbala as a whole, or of its constituents separately. This is the author’s most significant contribution to the world of Vedic astrology.

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