Astrology is a guide book to make and read your own horoscope written by the English astrologer Dr Walter Gorn Old, who is better known by the popular name Sepharial.  His numerous writings on astrology such as Old Moore’s Almanac, New Dictionary of Astrology, The New Manual of Astrology, Cosmic Symbolism, Science of Foreknowledge are still wide spread read even today.   In the introductory note Sepharial says, Astrology is like any other science which has never been universal in its acceptance.  He goes back to centuries and provides references to astrology from Chinese, Hidhu and Greek mythologies. Even Aristotle made astrology as part of his philosophy. Divided into four parts and each part touches subjects which are varied in nature however, the author relates them closely to the astrological view on them. The book ends with the popular illustrations one might expect from an astrology book such as how to predict your health, character, finance, marriage, position, friends and enemies through astrological readings.

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