This is a revised and annotated edition of Raphael’s classic 1905 text “A Guide to Astrology” which played a seminal role in popularizing astrology in the English-speaking world. The author, Robert T. Cross (1850 – 1923), was the seventh of a series of British astrologers who published under the pseudonym Raphael. The clarity of his writing style and his ability to present “abstruse technicalities” in simple form gave his book wide appeal and introduced many generations of British astrologers to the celestial art.

Reading through Raphael’s delineations of factors in a birth chart gives a fascinating glimpse into British society of the late 19th century. Often not politically correct, Mr. Cross “tells it like it is.” He paints of picture of inebriated profligate men chasing after the “sluts” and harlots of society. Perhaps his manner of speech is a thinly disguised criticism of British high society. It is difficult to read Raphael’s delineations without periodically breaking into laughter.

Nonetheless, there is much of value in this volume. For Mr. Cross observation of a multitude of birth charts is the cornerstone for establishing the validity of astrological principles. He refuses to say much about the planet Neptune because it was only discovered in 1846, just thirty-one years before he published the first edition of this text. He acknowledges the contributions of traditional astrologers such as Placidus and Ptolemy, but he only accepts their doctrines as valid after he has verified them in his own practice.

This book puts a lot of modern techniques in historical perspective and offers a sound, though slightly antiquated, introduction to the principles of natal and predictive astrology. Even the delineations, which may appear hilarious at times, contain an essential kernel of truth that is worth pondering.

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