Ba Zi is the ancient Chinese way of Destiny analysis. The history of Ba Zi began some 5,000 years ago during the Chinese Wu Kingdom.

This is his first book of many to come. Many people have attempted to interpret the classical Ba Zi treasures, written in books such as “穷通宝鉴 The Infinite Treasure”, “滴天髓 Heaven Instillation Secret” and “The Real Meaning of Ba Zi Classic”. To their dismay, the texts were both complex and confusing, and many have given up. Others have made shallow conclusions based on the literal meaning of what they read.

Unfortunately, the Classical Ba Zi texts were not what they appeared to be.

“Why is there not a consistency in its meanings? What are the hidden meanings in the words?” I have asked myself over a thousand times when trying to decode the Ba Zi treasures. I know that one day, I will find the truth.

In my undying spirit to discover the truth, I have read the Ba Zi classics over a hundred times, This was done over my last 19 years since my passion for Chinese Metaphysics developed. I have read books and attended courses by other Ba Zi Masters. Many Ba Zi interpretations have been told and taught to me. Yet, I was not convinced, as there were unanswered contradictions.

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