Sarvartha Chintamani is one of the important books of astrology belonging to ancient India. Written in Sanskrit verse it deals with the effects of each house in the natal chart in far greater detail besides giving the description about the planets, their effects, lifespan and prosperity. However, it makes a clear distinction between benefic and malefic indications and their impact, although that distinction may be prima facie indicating contrary results.

Sarvatha Chintamani, meaning the Gem of superior desires or thoughts, is believed to have been written by Venkatesa Sarma in the 13th Century A.D.; it is one of the most important and most cited astrological works particularly on the description of yoga-formation of planets and the results of those yogas. In the Introductory note to his translation of this Sanskrit text J.N.Bhasin writes that Sarvartha Chintamani is one of the top astrolological works. It also provides practical and very valuable comments on the subjects relating to the 12 houses of the birth-chart; in doing so it follows the unique and distinct procedure whereby the main subject or objects pertaining to a house are first of all stated in the very beginning of the concerned section and then astrologically explained on the basis of the house concerned, its lord and its significator, and the results, good or bad, declared. B.Suryanarain writes that whereas Varahamihira dealt with Karmajeeva Adhyaya in merely four verses Venkatesa, on the other hand, in his Savartha Chintamani, expands Varahamihira’s observation on this subject which is of paramount importance to all men.

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