The basic concepts of astrology dealt with in this book are such which ascribe great significance and importance to the connections between a house its lord and its significator (Karaka). We have found in our prolonged study and research that basic rules for proper analysis of Yogas in Astrology, which cause certain events in the lives of the natives have not been dealt to fill this gap to the best of our ability by analyzing and demonstrating such principles logically because it is our firm belief that logic is the soul of the science of astrology. We have often observed that the students of astrology while dealing with certain aspects in a nativity keep only a limited or partial vision on the principles of assessment of a horoscope. We have therefore, made an attempt to devise ruler rules to examine a certain human aspect from a number of houses and we ardently hope that the methods demonstrated here will receive universal acceptance and recognition. Table of Contents: Introduction Prayer Elementary knowledge of Astrology 100 Basic concepts of Predictive Astrology Chapter dealing with special rules Chapter about special concepts about planets Chapter dealing with special effects of house Chapter various Yogas for diseases Chapter on Raja Yogas Chapter on results of directional influences (Dashas and Antardashas).

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