The subject of “Natal” astrology has been dealt with in this book rather briefly, still in dealing with the various aspects of the science, it has been endeavoured, as far as possible, not to overlook the “how” and “why” of the things involved. In other words the scientific rationale behind the various yogas and other kindered subjects has been attempted in most cases. In fact the spirit of a logical enquiry is so essential to the art and science of Astrology that it has been given the epithet of “HETU” shashtra or the science of “LOGIC” by the ancient seers of this land. We have therefore, tried to present the subject in a logical way but in complete consonance with the principles of the science as laid down by the standard ancient authorities such as MAHARISHI PARASHAR-the Father of Indian Astrology and other savants of this divine sience. It is in pursuance of the above spirit of scientific enquiry that we have tried to present the basic traits of the various Signs, Nakshatras, Houses and the planets, from a common and comprehensive point of view.

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