Esoteric Principles of Vedic Astrology: A Treatise on Advanced Predictive Techniques by Bepin Behari

Part 1: Astrological Counseling: 1. Scope of astrological studies; 2. Astrological counseling; 3. Astrological impulses.

Part 2: Nature of Man: 4. Basic motivation of the individual; 5. Extroversion & introversion of personality; 6. Seven channels of human development; 7. Indications of the maturity of the soul; 8. Foundation of an integrated personality.

Part 3: Planetary Impulses: 9. Combinations for popularity; 10. Planned parenthood; 11. Profession & marriage; 12. Avocation & income; 13. Marriage counseling; 14. Foreign Travel; 15. Destiny of man.

Part 4: Special Characteristics of Planets & Signs: 16. Planetary characteristics; 17. Features of zodiacal signs; 18. Sun & Pancha Mahapurusha yogas; 19. Bhadra yoga: The Mercurial greatness; 20. Mars: The active male principle; 21. Venus & artistic sensitivity; 22. Jupiter: The ruler of vital airs; 23. Saturn: The spiritualizing planet; 24. Sasa yoga: Saturn’s impulse for human greatness; 25. Makara: The most mystic sign; 26. Shadow planets: Rahu & Ketu.

Part 5: Predictive Principles: 27. Patterns of horoscope; 28. Enigma of planetary exaltation; 29. Real effects of exalted planets; 30. The mystery of Bhavat Bhavam; 31. Kala Sarpa yoga: Restriction over human potential.

Glossary; Select bibliography; Index; Horoscopes presented in the book


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