A nationally known astrologer explores the connection between spiritual emergencies at age 30, 40, and 50 and key astrological passages of Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron.

• Provides techniques for directing the kundalini energy released during planetary passages for optimal personal and psychic development.

• Includes charts for birth years starting in 1930 so that readers can determine the timing of their planetary passages.

Kundalini–the energy of eros that lies at the base of the spine–can be overwhelming once activated. Times of activation coincide with the key astrological passages of Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron in one’s birth chart and are often experienced as periods of spiritual emergency, confusion, and imbalance.
In Liquid Light of Sex, Barbara Hand Clow opens up new dimensions for understanding what occurs during these key life passages, which most of us experience three times in our lives. In the author’s words, “we form at age 30, we transform at age 40, and we transmute at age 50.” Focusing on the transformation at age 40–the time of imbalance and spiritual confusion often referred to as the “midlife crisis”–she explores how kundalini energy, the liquid light of sex, can be creatively channeled by unblocking the chakras. Offering effective methods for achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual growth during this important life passage, Liquid Light of Sex presents a roadmap for using celestial cycles to navigate positively and productively in times of great life change.

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Midlife Crisis and Transformation by Barbara Hand Clow