Lal Kitab 1941 edition part III Translation Hindi by Yograj Prabhakar

Lalkitb comprises of 5 books 1. Samudrik Ki Lalkitab Ke Farmaan, published in 1939 AD; 2. Samudrik Ki Lalkitab Ke Armaan, published in 1940 AD: 3. Lalkitab Teesra Hissa published, in 1941 AD: 4. Lalkitab Tarmeemshuda published, in 1942 AD; 5. Ilm-e Samudrik ki buniyad par jyotish ki Lalkitab published in 1952 AD. The books have photograph of Pt. Sharma Girdhari Lal; resident of Pharwala depicting him as printer and publisher and the name of Shri Aatma Ram Sharma resident of Tehsil Noorpur; District Kangra is mentioned as Katib ( calighrapher, composer script-writter). The books were printed at Jahaazi Press, Lahore and contact address mentioned is of Calcutta Photo Shop; Amritsar; Calcutta Photo Shop; Dharmshala; Kangra. Calcutta Photo Shop. The author of these books is Pt. Rup Chand Joshi son of Shri Jyoti Ram Joshi resident of Village Pharwala, District Jalandhar; Punjab; Date of birth 18-011898; or 10-5-1898; Pt. Ji served in Defense accounts and retired as Assistant Accounts officer. He was posted at different places in India e.g Lahore, Dharamshal, Bombay, Madras, Ambala, Shimla. During his service tenure. He expired on 24-12-1982. Pt. Girdhari lal Sharma ji and Pt Rup Chand joshi ji were first cousins. These books were written in Urdu script and published in a small number. Over the years English and hindi took the centre stage, pushing Urdu into oblivion. Some translations appeared in 1990’s in hindi but had many many mistakes; The 1952 edition’s translation caught fancy of every one who laid his eyes on it and it further let to ignorance about other 4 editions. Shri Yograj Prabhakar resident of Patiala took on the task of bringing out the true/exact content as published in the original form. He had copy of 1952 original edition and was ready to share but for other 4 parts he had to struggle a lot as the people who possessed the copies didn’t want to share it. Fortunately internet technology came handy and he was able to establish contact with Shri Rajinder Bhatia living in U.S.A who is a family friend of Pt ji. Through the help of such contacts and divine grace Prabhakar ji was able to get hold of all the five original editions and with the help of Shri Nirmal Ji of Chandigarh, he has uploaded all these books on internet and therby available to all free of cost. Under his guidance Shri Veni Madhav Goswami of Delhi published the exact transliterations i.e. only the script was changed to devnagri but words remained same; care was taken that word; line no; page no matched with the original works. 1939; 1940; 1942 editions have been published by Sagar publications and the fifth and final edition is scheduled to be released on 1312-2009. 1941 edition’s transliteration has been published by Yograj ji himself.


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