The subject of the book is marriage. At present, the numbers of domestic violence and conjugal disturbance are increasing day by day which attracted the attention of the Author to study the matter seriously. He took the marriage as the subject for his dissertation paper in M.A. examination and did much research work on it. This research works has been compiled in the form of a book which is named as “Analysis of Marriage through Astrology” It contains the principles of astrology and significations of planets, rashis, bhavas, nakshtras etc., in the first few chapters. Thereafter combinations of marriage, conditions for controlled sex life in man and woman, loose characters, number of marriage, unmarried etc, have been dwelt upon. Mangal Dosh has been dealt with elaborately because wrong conception about it has been propagated in the society causing a great problem to the parents of the bride and the groom, A new approach in the matter of Marriage match-making has been given separately in a very scientific way. A chapter on the children (Santan) i.e. begetting of child, pleasure from the child etc has been given. A separate chapter has been given on the muhurta of marriage which is very important but is seldom followed by the pundits and priests seriously and meticulously. A separate chapter, horary marriage, has been added for those who do not have their detailed birth data. A chapter on the longevities of bride and groom has been added. Many methods have been given for calculation of longevity but a complete new idea, concept and methods of calculation of longevity on the basis of the bhogya nakshatras of lagna, 3rd bhava centre, and 8th bhava centre, Sun, Moon and Saturn have been given. It is worth reading.



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