As given in ancient scriptures of all religions and faiths, there is going to be total change of order in the world, starting from India. This has been revealed to us in our scriptures like KALKI PURAN and SRIMADBHAGWAT, and also through prophets like Soordas, Guru Gobind Singh and Nostradamus.

According to Nostradamus, the world has entered a calamitous period marred by natural disasters, hatred, selfishness and terrorism, to be continued till the mankind learns a lesson and then a representative of God or God’s consciousness will take control over the minds of people. Thus, the war between THE GOOD and THE EVIL would reach a crucial stage after July 2013, and the process would be completed by 2025 according to other prophecies of Nostradamus. This is corroborated by the prediction given in SRIMADBHAGWAT that the advent of the said cosmic power on earth would be known to everyone when Sun, Moon, and Jupiter would conjoin in Cancer (corresponding date –27th July 2014).

My observations as to what is going to happen in Delhi elections were published by EXPRESS STARTELLER (a magazine of Indian Express Group) about one year back. These observations have proved to be correct. I had written :

“As the activities of the said cosmic power would start in India, the corresponding events have been mentioned in KALKI PURAN, and also been hinted by Nostradamus. According to Kalki Puran, when the Supreme Consciousness takes over the happenings in India, the cosmic powers would affect the minds of persons to get the desired results before July 2014. The first attack of these cosmic powers would be on ‘Kikatpur’ (Bihar) and the cosmic powers would manage to defeat the existing corrupt government there. It has been explained by Acharya Shri Ram Sharma in his commentary on Kalki Puran that Kikatpur means Bihar. Their other action would be in a place ruled by a woman, and these powers would manage her defeat also.  Both these events have happened; in Bihar and U.P. respectively.

Their next action was to be in Delhi. This has also proved to be correct. Here something strange has been described in Kalki Puran; but its meaning can be understood. It may mean that cosmic powers would form a group of noble and honest persons, which, as a political party would contest the elections. Thereafter, this new group would be helped by an already existing party and their coalition would form the government.”

The results of next general elections may also be hinted in Kalki Puran. The army formed by the Kalki Avatar would fight against a king, who is already a devotee of Lord Vishnu. But, he will still fight against of army of Kalki because it is his duty as king of an army to fight against any attack; even if it is by the army of Vishnu. After the fight is over, both these groups would unite and rule over India. The groups described as devotee of Lord Vishnu may be BJP which may be compelled to form a coalition with Kejriwal’s party which has been described as new party comprising of honest persons.

This coalition would rule under the cosmic guidance and would take the country in a golden period.

Nostradamus might have given a hint regarding the new party. He had described the group that would help in this cosmic mission by the name of OGMOIS or OLMOIS. According to most of the Nostradamus scholars, this would be the name of an organization which would be formed to help the cosmic powers in their mission. However, in one of his prophecies (Cen. 10, Q-72) Nostradamus has added the words AN in the name of this group and has referred it as ANGOLMOIS. It could be to hint ANNA HAZARE, which would mean that this group would be formed / guided by Anna.

By these prophecies, I interpret that the cosmic powers are giving us this information in advance; as to what the God is going to do in India. All those persons who believe in God and his powers shall bring such parties / coalition in power that would sincerely act according to the providence of God, thereby bringing a change order – first in India, and thereafter in the entire world.


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