Each part of the zodiac is a solar mansion better called as sign or raashi. This book revolves around the 7th house of the zodiac and the predictions and views stated regarding various astrological combinations in all the 15 chapters of this book, are solely on the basis of personal study and research of the author. This book deals with the literary references about marriage chronologically, right from vedic period , all parameters pertaining to marriage are centring the 7th house of kaalpurusha which is sign Libra and the 7th house of horoscope as counted from pivotal points as lagna, moon sign, navamsa lagna. Explanation of Sun�s debilitation in libra and Saturn�s exaltation in libra and their mutual underlying partnership is put forth. Then there is stress on understanding Venus with all it�s signification, association and aspects with other planets, the indepth analysis about 7th house is made through discussion of various facets of 7th house such as the signification of 7th house as given in texts and author�s personal opinion about 7th house while relating the concepts of Siva and Sakthi, Purusha and Prakriti and Beejam and Kshetram to lagna and 7th house. Further this book deals with similarity of Indian concept of Ardhanaarishwara and the western �Theory of shadow� by C.G. Jung. Then the role of 7th house in marriage is analysed through Jaimini system of astrology. So far as research based analysis of more than 400 horoscopes is there, Role & effect of all the planets in marital matters is referred to from important texts and books and author�s opinion further explains all points from grass root level which bring out the effect of planetary placement in 7th house, connection with 7th lord from all angles, and retrograde planets giving a tryst to marital matters. This book also highlights the navamsa connection in marriage, the theory of �yin yang� energy balance in oneself through the individual horoscope and the techniques to determine the relationship potential in the individual natal chart from new perspectives. The marital associations are described through understanding of the quality, elements of signs on 1/7 axis, and male/female signs of the significator planets. There is a brief analysis regarding, Promise of marriage, Combinations of delays /denial of marriage and Timing of marriage done through various technics. In the end there are given Remedial measures to improve the future prospects of marital relationship.


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