Backed by years of astrological experience, Dr Ambika Prasad Parashar and his son Dr Vinod Kumar Parashar offer a fresh perspective on each Sun sign and the signs of other planets when they transit different houses in a chart (kundali).

Examining the main areas of life such as relationships, finances, family, career, health, love and personal characteristics, the authors probe the gifts of the Sun signs interwoven with the influence of other planets, aspects and transits in the houses.


The book tells readers:

*How things operate in life due to astrological influences, so that they can approach life from a new perspective to discover the right vocation and attain great success, happiness, love and peace.

*Case studies of prominent persons are dealt with extensively to help readers understand the planetary influences and other signs that indicate foreign travel, property, love, money, position, luck and other factors in life.

*Compute your own lagna (rising sign) and make your own chart, if required.

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Trikona Houses : Explore the Power of Astrology by Ambika Prasad Parashar