Lunar Astrology: An Attempt at a Reconstruction of the Ancient Astrological System by Alexandre Volguine, John Broglio

The preface of this book tells us why Hindus gave importance to Moon – the mind (is one of his/her significance). Also MOON has utmost importance when we consider timing of an(y) event.

Out of the transiting planets, Jupiter, Sun, Moon are of importance. Because when we want to know the occurrence of an(y) event, we simply consider which year.. which month.. which day, the event will occur.

To know the year, Jupiter is used…Jupiter stays in a sign for aprox. 1 year
To know the month, Sun is used…Sun stays in a sign for a month
To know the day(s), Moon is used…Moon stays in a sign for 2.25 days aprox.

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The Technique of Solar Return by Alexandre Volguine