The Divine Life presents a revolutionary new way of using astrology. Your astrological pattern identifies the people, events and inner mechanisms that define your reality: past, present and future. This book describes how astrology can be used to make predictions and see astrological patterns from conception to old age. In addition, the unique time scale used allows you to discover the formative events in your life and their meanings, by attributing dates to them in the sequence in which they were lived. This approach to astrology reflects the discoveries of new physics, where reality is understood as a complex web of relationships.

A.T. Mann was born in New York, but now resides in the UK. He graduated from Cornell University and worked as an architect in Rome and New York City. He has worked as a professional astrologer since 1972 and also practices as a graphic designer. He is the author of many books, including Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Architecture, Millennium Prophesies, The Divine Plot and The Elements of Reincarnation.

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